Dear Diary,

‘Ts amazing, I refer to myself as a Foodie.
Why? Because I can count on my ten (10) fingers the actual foods I eat

O well.. terms and definitions.. Who really is checking..

Anyway, food ogler that I am, instantly decided to attend the #GTBankFoodDrink 2017 as soon as I saw the event advertised

Fast forward to today, I came, saw, and learned..
The master classes were lit. I particularly enjoyed Chef Stone’s @uberstigg @reddishchronicles class. Chef Malarkey @brianmalarkey was awesome. (I got a free copy of his Cookbook “Come Early, Stay late”)..pretty cool, right?

GTBank totally outdid it… A 100% event indeed

Did I mention I saw the cutest little goat ever?IMG_20170428_032155_240.JPGIMG_20170426_163916_371.JPGIMG_20170430_111129.jpgIMG_20170430_122820IMG_20170430_101459.jpg


Dear Diary,

“So it started @ 10am and ended @ 6pm.. Mgbok #inmyborrowedCalabaraccent… Twas totally worth it”

That’s me conversing with #MissIcameForAfreeEmpowermentConference&ImStillComplaining

… Did I mention it came with lunch too. Really fine food. Even the foodpacks were contested for by many Self-Made Women after the event.


And to think I didn’t like @lindaikeji before today. And no, it had nothing to with her ‘pocket influence’. Thank God baby bro @iamjasononuora was ‘on my case’ to attend.

… The tin make plenty sense

Ada Okechukwu from Access Bank set me off with this: “God has put in us ALL to become”.. Hello!

Dr. Olamide Brown @Flyingdoctorsnigeria proved her mantra of “Take It” when she offered N200,000 to whoever wanted it. One sharp Naija geh walked up to the podium to “Take It” #seeshockedfaces

Lolo’s @officiallolo1 crack-ups were deep! She said some strong thingz.. Hmm..

True true, “local lo’n sha ‘wo”

I have decided to take my step of faith #wehdonema

@KemiAdetiba #KingWoman now came to ‘spoil it’ with her

12 Lessons! (Gist for another day)

She says: You’re always going to get an opportunity… Take it! Excel in it! Knock it out of the park!

“Your work is your business card into the universe” #tehdemoo

@OmonoOboli spread her love mantra indeed. She forfeited a good part of her birth day to share with us her amazing (amusing) life story


Never disregard anyone. Be kind, respect across boards. That’s how @OmoniOboli got her ‘Anchor Baby’ role

Aunty Tara @taradurotoye dealt us the A.accept B.believe not compare D.develop E.empower blow,

and one from Uncle Fela

“Money does not have leadership abilities”

Finally, twas all Ps for

Dolapo Badmos @opetodolapo Police PRO who served us the 4Ps of Success – Purpose, Passion, Professionalism, Productivity

Wawaawu! What a day!


So next time you wanna be like me and judge a book before reading it, ‘walk in their shoes’. And please I don’t mean get arrested by SARS

OYO is your case!

Aunty Dolapo say “Life is not a contest. It is content!”