For the past 15 years , technology have recorded a significant level of development and advancement within the grocery retail sector. Supermarkets in particular have embraced a variety of new technologies, which have assisted them to improving their operations and customer experiences, as well as increase their profit margin.

Supermarkets of all sizes are now embracing advanced retail technology which shows that in the nearest future online supermarket stores will rank high in the mind of most Nigerians.

Early evidence suggests that Nigerians are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest online shoppers in Africa.” This was the prediction in September 2012.

The news source reported that a recent study revealed that in 2016, with the introduction of online stores Nigeria will continue to be a major force within the greater retail sector in Africa. Specifically, the report found that Nigeria has been ranked by PayPal Inc. as the 3rd highest mobile shopping nation worldwide, Nigerians spent $610 million in 2015 using PayPal, and we are on target for $819 million (about ₦327 billion, at current rates) this year.

The General Manager of PayPal Africa and Israel, Efi Dahan, said Nigerian online shoppers have realized the world is their shopping mall and as such they shop wherever and whenever they are online.

According to the study, technology is playing a significant role in driving this growth.

“The development of different customer experience online sale options, including phone and tablet options, is expected to further increase supermarket sales, With these options, also come an alternative pick-up and convenient home delivery options, further attracting clients to use these online supermarkets.”

These options are especially appealing to consumers as the public becomes more tech savvy, traffic delays and faces greater time management challenges. by leveraging technological solutions, grocery stores in the region can not only enjoy a competitive advantage, but also increase customer loyalty and even frequency of shopping.

For example, most supermarkets such as the largest online supermarket in Lagos oakmargin integrated service developed partnership with different general stores to enable shoppers to essentially gain access to a different corner store experience on the Internet and reduce the stress of moving from one store shelve to another, taking away loading option and queuing to pay to the cashier and hereby offering 2hours grocery delivering services to there customers. Notably, approximately one-third of customers utilize different stores to shop, further emphasizing the way that shoppers’ habits are evolving with the use of technology.

Upgrading performance

Grocery e-commerce trends such as these are not confined to Nigeria alone. All over the world, supermarkets and other retailers are adopting technologies to upgrade their customer shopping experience. As a result, consumers are increasingly coming to expect firms to provide these options, and those that don’t may struggle to attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Groceries online supermarkets interested in embracing such solutions need to consider working with a third-party provider that can guide them through this complex process. Only with an experienced partner can these organizations hope to become and remain competitive in an increasingly technology-dominated industry.


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